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The best and latest in technology

At Markus you will always find the best and latest in technology, whether in  energy saving and environmental protection, security, entertainment and communication.

Our philosophy leads us to seek a personal relationship with each client. Whoever seeks us does so with the confidence that they will obtain the best care and good service that has characterized us for more than 40 years.

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Photovoltaic solar panels

With constant increases in electricity prices, and declining solar panel installation costs, now is the time to switch to clean energy, helping to protect the environment as well.

If you pay 3,500 pesos or more per two-month period, you will recover your investment in three years or less, and then you will have practically free electricity for at least 25 more years.

Contact us and we will explain how.


Be calm, always.

Security and surveillance systems to protect and monitor your home and business.

High resolution with night vision, internet monitoring and recording .


Satellite and Internet TV

The digital satellite television system has left the other television systems behind, making it possible to reach the most distant points with a high transmission capacity, in high definition.

Now, with the highest bandwidth available on the Internet, you can watch many live channels, from all over the world, and also movies "On Demand", only with Internet link , without the need to install an antenna.

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Markus tecno logics
"monitor your well-being" 

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