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Our company

Our company began its activities in Cuernavaca in 1978 as a small electronic circuit workshop, with the design, manufacture and sale of various audio amplifiers and control circuits.

We were the pioneers in the installation of satellite dishes and satellite television reception in the center of the country. Initially, we designed our own antenna and collaborated in the design of various aluminum and fiberglass dishes.


We also tested the available receivers until we found the best solutions for our customers. Satellite television grew in Mexico and we allied ourselves with Multivisión in the first DTH (Direct to home) service in the country. Then we were representatives of DirecTV for 4 years.

To date we have installed several thousand satellite dishes and DirecTV systems in different states. Following the evolution of technology we now offer Internet TV, which allows you to watch live channels, movies and TV series "On Demand", and more.

We have worked with microwave links, VOIP telephony, calling cards.

With the growing insecurity, it has been necessary to protect oneself, and in recent years we have installed many closed circuit television systems, security cameras, in private homes, businesses, schools, condominiums, settlers associations.

And now, aware of global warming, and also to help our customers save on their electricity bill, we are installing photovoltaic solar panels. It is the solution of the future in a country with as much sun as Mexico.

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