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Security cameras

With increasing insecurity, more surveillance cameras are being installed everywhere.

We have the experience; we can install cameras in your home or business; also in condominiums, schools, factories and more.

The cameras are now high definition, in color, with night vision. They can be achieved with lenses with different apertures.

There are PTZ cameras that allow you to pan or tilt, and zoom in or out; These are generally used more where there is an operator who can be on the lookout all the time.

Closed circuits can be installed with cameras wired to a DVR; it is the most common and economical way. There are systems with IP cameras, which can be connected by a network to an NVR; they have certain advantages, but they cost a bit more.

Events can be recorded for later review. They can be seen on a live monitor, and also online on cell phones, tablets or computers.


We can guide you in what is best for you,
and make a quote according to your needs.


In large areas, with many cameras, we have installed professional systems, with IP cameras and miles of fiber optic and network cables.

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